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I see you are prepared to die with a smile of light amusement on your face, O great scaled one. With the magic I acquired, Black Ring troops will soon flood the city! Aleroth will fall!

Nerus is a Black Ring agent posing as a champion of Aleroth in 1300 AD.


He is first seen during a brief encounter at the Circle of Trust Inn in Mardaneus Plaza, where he quickly recognizes the Dragon Knight and excuses himself before leaving.

He is later revealed to be a traitor working for the Black Ring, and is witnessed killing his fellow conspirator, Kenzo, near the entrance to the Crow's Nest district before fleeing the scene.

Nerus is met again near the Crow's Nest waypoint shrine. When confronted, he reveals that he has acquired an ancient Maxos magic spell, and plans to flood Aleroth with legions of the Damned One's troops to take down the city from within. It is too late to prevent him from casting it, and eventually the spell takes effect. Unfortunately for Nerus, the spell falls short of an inundation of troops, with only three Black Ring members being teleported to the site. You must fight Nerus and the three Black Ring members (level 39) simultaneously. To simplify the battle, focus on killing the healer first.

Interactions with player character[]



This fellow is about to fail. Miserably.