The New Order was founded in Rivertown shortly after the Divine fell to a rogue Dragon Knight. Although their ultimate goal is to embody the ideals of the Divine, the Dragon Knight is assured by one of the New Order members called Seekers, Elisabeth, that the order Seekers are not solely an ecclesiastical order, but are highly trained in both ranged and melee combat, as well as magic.

The Dragon Knight first encounters the New Order in Broken Valley, where they were sent to retrieve supplies for Rivertown, as there was a famine there due to two consecutive failed harvests. The Dragon Knight can determing to aid or hinder them in the quest Feast or Famine.

Seekers can be found in Broken Valley, the Orobas Fjords and in Aleroth, where they are working alongside the Champions of Aleroth in fending off the Black Ring's assault on the city.