Nightwinkle is a female character, first found South of the Tribal Shrine, in the Broken Valley. To get to her the Dragon Knight must cross a fallen tree and take the path through a narrow valley, where he will be ambushed by Bandits.

Upon Dragon Knight's arrival she, as well as two other characters, Namdar and Furley, will have fallen asleep.


  1. By using Mindread ability the Dragon Knight will find out, that she needs an Apple to be woken up.
  2. Upon delivering the said item, Dragon Knight will be awarded with 400 exp.
  3. After having woken up, Nightwinkle can be found back in the Broken Valley Village, near the Chapel.


  • It is impossible to reach Nightwinkle after the Dragon Knight had regained rule over the Battle Tower as Damian had already flooded the Valley with poison gas.