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The note from Mardaneus is a book in Divine Divinity.


Found on a rock in the second room of the Aleroth catacombs, surrounded by candles.


The ancient catacombs were abandoned a long time ago and even I, Mardaneus, don't dare to enter them any longer. I ordered my disciples to seal the place, because I sensed alarming emanations of evil coming from down there. None have returned from the catacombs to report what manner of peril, but I sense it is some entity powerful in magic.

I wrote to Duke Ferol at Stormfist Castle and asked him to dispatch some troops to Aleroth, so that the Ducal Army might take care of the problem. Unfortunately Duke Ferol has so far ignored my request.

This book shall stand as a warning to any traveller who enters this place. Turn back while you can. We've already lost half-a-dozen men trying to explore this pit of evil. Let their sacrifice be enough and Gods succour their spirits.

Signed Mardaneus