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Observations on the Universal Veil is a book in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


This book is find in a bookcase nort-west of the table at the Dean's Office at The Academy of the Seven. Reading this book while having Lohse in party will make Adramahlihk speak through her.


*Opening the book, you can see it was a meticulously laid out treatise of some kind, but its pages have been covered in angry scrawl, leaving the original text illegible. Of the furious script covering it, you can only make out a few words: traitor, betrayal, apostate, traitor, heretic, traitor, traitor, traitor...

It's only when you reach the end of the book that you find a coherent sentence. It mourns the fact that 'my people' have been cast to the Void. It swears revenge on 'backstabbing lords', and says they will suffer the darkness they have unleashed on the world. 'I will be King again...'*