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Old Dog or New Tricks - Aulus and Minius outside the Prancing Seahorse (D2 FoV quest characters)

Aulus and Minius

Old Dog or New Tricks? is a quest offered by the Champion Messalina at Circle of Trust Inn in the Mardaneus Plaza district of Aleroth during the events of Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance. She explains that she has sent two Champions, Aulus and Minius to the Temple of Nimir, and is upset that they've been gone so long for what should be "a simple cleanup mission." She isn't concerned for their safety, she simply wants you to tell them to hurry up.


Messalina asked me to check up on Aulus and Minius. A simple mop-up mission shouldn't take them forever.


Simply walk to the Prancing Seahorse, across the road from Luxurius' Mansion on Lanilor Lane. You'll find the pair outside, arguing about who should go into the temple. It seems that Aulus thinks that Minius isn't experienced enough, and Minius thinks that Aulus is too old. Neither one wants to the other to die at the hands of the undead, and they ask you to decide who should go. You can mindread Aulus for 7500 exp to discover that he is hiding an injury. This adds a dialogue choice but doesn't effect the outcome.

If Minius is sent to the Temple of Nimir:

  • A key for the treasure room spawns in the temple.
  • He gets trapped behind a wall, and you can solve a lever puzzle to free him.
  • Minius can be mindread (15000 exp) for the key's location (this is not necessary to acquire it).
  • He leaves the temple after being rescued.
Aulus' corpse (D2 FoV character)

Aulus' corpse

If Aulus is sent to the Temple of Nimir:

  • No key spawns for the treasure room - it is unlocked.
  • Although Minius is not trapped, you can still complete the lever puzzle.
  • Aulus is found dead in the treasure room.

Whoever is not chosen expresses concern for their colleague, then walks to the Phoenix Inn. They can be found there, enjoying ale for the remainder of the game.

After making your decision, return to Messalina at the Circle of Trust Inn and explain what happened to complete the quest.