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Opening Rifts in Time: Notes 4 is a book in Beyond Divinity.



Opening Rifts in Time: Notes 4, by Elder Anakkisam

This fourth rift of mine took me to what is probably the most interesting place I've travelled to so far. Again, this seemed to be a world of humans and I arrived in a vibrant, bustling city, full of life and colour. Here the rich dressed in ornate robes, rode in horse-drawn carriages through the slums where the poor begged for coins in the dirt and other humans displayed creatures of deformed hideousness for the entertainment of the crowd. But although their morals might be dubious, these were creatures of great inventiveness and something they referred to as science. Yet I saw an amazing sight where a human spun a cylinder filled with light and displayed moving pictures on a wall, so they must have harnessed the power of magic too! Perhaps I can replicate this back at the Academy.