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Orcs are one of the seven races.


The Orcs were created by the god Vrogir, who enslaved his creations for years before eventually leaving the world with the other gods. They live in the deserts of Yuthul Gor, and don't usually venture into other territories.

Orcish culture is based heavily around honor, to the point that a perceived insult to an Orc's honor is enough to start a fight to the death. As the Orc clans all have vastly different standards of behavior, this means they spend a lot of time fighting amongst themselves; many of their interactions will have one clan take offense at what another clan thought was a harmless act.

In Rivellon's ancient history, Orcs weren't considered sapient, and were often enslaved by the other races; the Council of Six even once voted on a motion that would allow the use of Orc meat as emergency rations. Eventually, they would be recognized as a sapient race and given a seat on the Council.

On rare occasions, the Orc clans will unite in an attempt to attack other civilizations. Historically, this has often been the work of some third party manipulating them for their own ends. If the Orcs discover this, they may turn against the third party, as the deception would be considered an insult (such as the case with Kroxy). When warring with other civilizations, the Orcs will often try to outnumber their opponents or use guerilla tactics to disrupt their activities.

Divine Divinity[]

During the events of Divine Divinity, the Orcs are at war with Ferol and trying to kill Duke Janus Ferol, the self-proclaimed Divine. When the Council of Seven is reformed, the Orc representative, Kroxy, reveals that their war with Ferol is on behalf of the Black Ring. After Janus revealed himself as the Demon of Lies, the Black Ring turned on the Orcs and made Yuthul Gor a wasteland.

Divinity: Original Sin[]

In Original Sin, the Orcs attempted to destroy Cyseal. The Source Hunters eventually found that they were working for the Immaculates.

Divinity: Original Sin II[]

Orcs don't appear in Original Sin II (and, along with Imps, are unplayable) but their god Vrogir can be seen during the protagonist's visits to the Hall of Echoes.

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Behind the scenes[]

  • The Orcs were originally going to appear on the Council in Divinity: Dragon Commander, but they were cut due to time constraints along with their Princess, who was also their General.


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