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Orders from Dallis is a note in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


Corpse of Magister Swordsman, east of the sewer exit from Fort Joy , south of the Shrine to Lucian.


From the Desk of Her Ladyship, Dallis, Right Hand to Bishop Alexandar, Son of the Divine

There will be no more excuses.

How is it that you have not crushed this rebellion yet? For your own sakes, you'd best find and dispose of the dregs
of these 'Seekers' before you meet the same end as Atusa. The Source King's weapons do us no good if the seekers lay hands on them first.

Thankfully, some of you remain useful. Ames has reported Seeker movement to the south and east of the bridge leading out of Fort Joy. Spear them, slice them, burn them, I don't care. But see that they are gone.