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Original Sin 2 Books and Notes is a page listing all books, notes and recipes that appear in Divinity: Original Sin II game.

Original Sin II - Definitive Edition[]

Following books, notes and recipes are books that appear in the base game of Divinity: Original Sin II Definitive Edition

Books and notes[]

This section involves books which may be found across Rivellon.

Name Weight Value Notes
A History of Forbidden Objects 0.5 1 None
A Letter from Isbeil's Laboratory 0.01 1 None
A Letter from R. 0.01 1 None
A Treatise on Governance 0.5 1 None
An Inquiry on Rare Source Relics 0.5 1 None
About Radical Measures 0.01 1 None
Alexandar's Journal 0.5 1 None
Ancient Scroll 0.5 1 None
Archivist's journal 0.5 1 None
Artistic journal 0.5 1 None
Arx City Guide - Volume Five 0.1 5 None
Arx City Guide - Volume Three 0.1 5 None
Black Ring Diary 0.5 1 None
Black Ring Instructions 0.01 1 None
Bloodstained Journal (Magilla's Journal) 0.5 1 None
Book of Correspondences 0.01 1 None
Burial Note from Ryker to Chaucer 0.01 1 None
Captain's Note 0.01 1 None
Case of the Possessed Godwoken 0.01 1 None
Cautionary Pamphlet 0.1 5 None
Chastising Memo 0.01 1 None
Civilian Ledger 0.2 40 None
Claws of Deceit 0.2 40 None
Craddleson's Silly Book of Blanks 0.5 1 None
Dallis' Diary 0.5 1 None
Dallis’ Letter to Reimond 0.01 1 None
Dallis’ Orders 0.01 1 None
Dead Explorer's Diary 0.5 1 None
Divine Order Report 0.01 1 None
Doctor's Letters 0.5 1 None
Dubious Flyer 0.01 1 None
Elementary Logic and Arithmetic, Grades: II-IV 0.5 1 Unique book found lying on a beach beneath Good Counsel School
Encyclopedia of Flora 0.5 1 None
Essential Engineering 0.5 1 None
Fane's Notebook 0.5 1 None
Fisherman's Journal 0.5 1 None
For Jack 0.5 1 None
Grammar for Children 0.5 1 Unique book found at the beach beneath Good Counsel School.
Holy Book of Matrimony 0.5 1 A unique book found in garden of the Estate of Micheil Ros.
Huwbert's Encyclopedia 0.2 25 Full list of Huwbert's Encyclopedia volumes (values are for each book)
Impish Handbook 0.5 1 None
Intelligence Brief 0.2 40 None
Inventor's Diary 0.5 1 None
Isbeil's Missive 0.01 1 None
Isbeil's Research Journal 0.5 1 None
Journal of a Lost Worker 0.5 1 None
Justinia's Jackals 0.5 1 None
Kemm's Notes about Dallis 0.5 1 None
Kemm's Vault Notes 0.01 1 None
Killing Contract 0.01 1 None
Kirill's Greatest Hits 0.5 1 None
Kniles' Journal 0.5 1 None
Kniles' Notes 0.5 1 None
Legend of the Blood Rose 0.5 1 None
Letter concerning Sourcerer transport 0.5 1 None
Letter from Acquillah bat-Mezd 0.01 1 Found upon the table in front of Aoife in the Owlery.
Letter from Hannag's Apprentice 0.01 1 None
Letter to Aoife 0.01 1 Found only within the Owlery. Property of Aoife. In game name is "Letter".
Letter to Dallis 0.01 1 None
Letter to Linder Kemm 0.01 1 Found only within the Owlery. Property of Aoife.
Letter with a large ink stain 0.01 1 None
Linder Kemm's journal 0.5 1 None
Lohar's Wedding Invitation 0.01 1 None
Lucian's Day: Suggested Hymns 0.5 1 None
Magister Cold Case Reports 0.5 1 None
Magister Dallis Report 0.5 1 None
Magister Document about The Mistake 0.01 1 None
Magister Memorandum 0.01 1 None
Magister Ridder's logbook 0.5 1 None
Magister Timort's Journal 0.5 1 None
Magister's diary 0.5 1 None
Magister's journal 0.5 1 None
Magister's note 0.5 1 None
Manifest of the Peacemaker 0.5 1 None
Medat's Blood Rose Notes 0.5 1 None
Medicinal Use of Drudanae None
Meeting Notes 0.01 1 None
Missive to Dallis 0.5 1 None
Mysterious Orders 0.01 1 None
Note of congratulations 0.01 1 None
Notes on Order Activities 0.5 1 None
Observations on the Universal Veil 0.5 1 Adramahlihk will speak through Lohse if she is in party upon first time reading.
Ominous letter 0.01 1 Gives hint towards the correct wine which will open a passage at the Estate of Micheil Ros
On the Origins of Lucian 0.5 1 None
On the silencing of Source 0.5 1 None
Orders for Isbeil 0.01 1 None
Orders from Dallis 0.01 15 None
Pleading Letter to Sanguinia 0.01 1 None
Prayers to Lucian 0.5 1 None
Primal Chaos 0.5 1 None
Reclaiming the Council of Seven 0.5 1 None
Reimond's Journal 0.5 1 None
Reimond's Orders 0.2 40 None
Report from the Ancient Empire 0.01 1 Found in the Owlery. In game name is "Letter".
Report on Arhu & Kemm 0.5 1 None
Report on the Toyseller 0.5 1 None
Requisition for Magister food supplies 0.5 1 None
Requisition for Sourcerer food supplies 0.5 1 None
Richly-bound book 0.5 1 None
Ripped Page 0.01 1 None
Roll-call of Fallen Seekers 0.5 1 None
Ryker's Journal 0.5 1 None
Ryker's letter from Roost 0.01 1 None
Scientific Theories on Deathfog 0.5 1 None
Scrapbook 0.5 1 None
Shabby Ledger 0.5 1 None
Smuggler's Letter 0.01 1 None
Soaked Book 0.5 1 None
Soggy diary 0.5 1 None
Soggy note 0.5 1 None
Son Against Father 0.5 1 None
Sourcerer Records 0.5 1 First time reading will trigger conversation among party members
Stern Letter From Siwan 0.5 1 Exclusive to Definitive Edition
Stolen letter 0.5 1 In possession of Marcus Miles
Tablet 0.5 0 None
Tales of the Seven Gods 0.5 1 None
The Adventures of the Hero 0.5 1 None
The Council of Seven: A History 0.5 0 None
The Essence of Existence, Volume One 0.5 1 None
The Essence of Existence, Volume Three 0.5 1 None
The Essence of Existence, Volume Two 0.5 1 None
The Flight of the Phoenix 0.5 1 None
The Green Stone 0.5 1 None
The History of Greater Rivellon, Grades: II-IV 0.5 1 Unique book found lying on a beach beneath Good Counsel School
The Little Book of Big Booms 0.1 5 None
The Path & the Pilgrimage 0.5 1 None
The Secret of the Gods 0.5 0 First time reading will trigger conversation among party members
The Shadow Prince's Notes 0.5 1 None
The Silencing of Source 0.5 1 None
The Undead Among Us 0.5 1 None
Tome on the Aeteran 0.5 1 None
Tools of the Godwoken: Source Vampirism Grants Source Vampirism skill
Tools of the Godwoken: Spirit Vision Grants Spirit Vision skill
Treatise on Humanity 0.1 5 None
Unnamed Poem, By Cranley Huwbert 0.01 1 None
Unsent letter 0.5 1 None
Warden's Report 0.2 40 None
White Magister Meeting Notes 0.01 1 None

Quest related books[]

This section involves books and notes which are either vital or connected to quests and chronicles. Some of these may trigger conversation among the party members.

Name Weight Value Quest Location Coordinates Notes
Ancient Empire Songbook 0.5 1 Lady o' War Dallis Stateroom
Arhu's journal 0.5 1 Finding Lord Arhu Arhu's Chambers Updates the quest
Book of Prophecy 0.5 1 The Burning Prophet
Borris' Instructions 0.5 1 A Wolf Alone Fort Joy Ghetto (Borris)
Chef Wyvlia's Hitlist 0.01 1 The Missing Magisters The Black Bull
Dallis' Private Journal 0.5 1 A King Reborn Starts the quest
Divine Order Contract 0.01 1 A Rare Prey Cullwoods Mill
Elven Tribal Customs: A Discourse 0.5 1 A Trial for All Seasons Provides hint for the quest
Excavation Log 0.5 1 The Magister Crusade Blackpits Caves
Feats of the Four 0.5 1 Heroes' Rest
Lone Wolf Contract 0.5 1 A Wolf Alone Ifan ben-Mezd
Scroll of Eternity 0 2 Old means Gold Kemm's Vault - Floor One
Old Note 0.01 1 Silence Broken Good Counsel School x:405, y:233 Allows the Godwoken to learn the Possessed Girls true name
Sodden Diary 0.5 1 Lady o' War The Lady Vengeance
The Taming of the Holy Fire 0.5 1 The Forgotten and the Damned Bloodmoon Island Must be read by a Scholar
Tome on the Swornbreaker 0.5 1 Almira's Request
A Generous Offer
A Lizard Nightmare
Mercy Is Power
The Key To Freedom
Serves as a recipe book and ingredient for crafting Swornbreaker
Visitor's Book 0.5 1 A Lizard Nightmare Ancient Empire Consulate Gives a note to the quest
Warning from Dallis 0.5 1 Signs of Resistance Updates chronicle
Warning Letter 0.01 1 The Magister Crusade Updates chronicle
Kemm's letter to Arhu 0.01 1 Finding Lord Arhu Arhu's Chambers x:353, y:452 Updates the quest


This section contains recipe books which upon reading will allow the character to learn unknown recipes.

Name Weight Value Teaches
A Brewer's Appendix 0.05 5 Stoneskin Potion
A Grenadier's Journal 0.05 5 Cluster Grenade
Nailbomb Grenade
A Simple Rhyme 0.05 5 Cooking Station
A Simple Song 0.05 5 Dough
A Survivor's Guide to Animal-friendly Skinning 0.5 1 Leather Scraps
A Survivor's Guide to Impromptu Fashion 0.5 1 Handmade Cloth Shirt
Handmade Leather Armour
Needle and Thread
Bark At The Rune: Flame Rune 0.05 16 Small flame rune
Bark At The Rune: Frost Rune 0.05 16 Small frost rune
Bark At The Rune: Masterwork Rune 0.05 16 Small masterwork rune
Bark At The Rune: Pixie Dust 0.05 16 Pixie Dust
Bark At The Rune: Rock Rune 0.05 16 Small rock rune
Bark At The Rune: Thunder Rune 0.05 16 Small thunder rune
Crafting Bible, Part I 0.5 1 Bread
Cheese Bread Dough
Cold Fries
Dwarven Stew
Elven Stew
Potato Porridge
Pumpkin Soup
Tomato Sauce
Crafting Bible, Part III 0.5 1
Crafting Bible, Part IV 0.5 1 Handmade Cloth Shirt
Handmade Leather Armour
Handmade Mage Armour
Handmade Plate Armour
Handmade Scale Armour
Handmade Shield
Needle and Thread
Crafting Bible, Part VIII 0.5 1 Fireball Scroll
Haste Scroll
Ignition Scroll
Peace of Mind Scroll
Searing Daggers Scroll
Crafting Bible, Part IX 0.5 1 Armour of Frost scroll
Restoration scroll
Soothing Cold scroll
Winter Blast scroll
Crafting Bible, Part XIV 0.5 1 Bull Horns scroll
Heart of Steel scroll
Spread Your Wings scroll
Tentacle Lash scroll
Crafty Weaponry: Bows 0.05 5 Toy Crossbow
Twig With A String
Crafty Weaponry: Die by the Sword 0.05 5 Knife on a stick
Crafty Weaponry: Give Em The Axe 0.05 5 Primitive Harpoon
Sharp Stone On A Big Branch
Sharp Stone on a Stick
Crafty Weaponry: The Shiv 0.05 5 Shiv
Crafty Weaponry: Wands and Staves 0.05 5 Improvised Wand
Improvised Staff
Love Grenade 0.05 10 Love Grenade
Mind Maggot Grenade Recipe 0.05 120 Mind Maggot Grenade
Mutiny In A Bottle: The Firestorm Grenade 0.05 5 Bottle Filled With Oil
Firestorm Grenade
On Source Orbs, Part 1 0.05 31
On Source Orbs, Part 3 0.05 31
Recipe for Cursed Poison Flask 0.05 5 Cursed Poison Flask
Rhymes Of The Ranger, Part 1 0.05 8
Rhymes Of The Ranger, Part 4 0.05 8
Rhymes Of The Scribes, Part 1 0.5 10 Fortify scroll
Searing Daggers scroll
Teleportation scroll
Rhymes Of The Scribes, Part 2 0.5 10
Rhymes Of The Scribes, Part 6 0.05 5
Rhymes Of The Scribes, Part 7 0.5 20
Strike Terror Into Their Hearts 0.05 5 Terror Grenade
The Adventurer's Field Guide, Volume XX 0 0
The Code of Wizardry 0.05 5 Minor Intelligence Potion
The Poisoner's Companion 0.2 100
To the Lumberjack Magicians 0.05 5 Sheet of paper
Wood pulp
True Brew: Amadouvier 0.05 5 Physical Armour Potion
True Brew: Amethyst Deceiver 0.05 5 Minor Strength Potion
True Brew: Augmentor 0.05 5 Medium Healing Potion
True Brew: Bluegill 0.05 5 Water Resistance Potion
True Brew: Chanterelle 0.05 5 Invisibility Potion
True Brew: Earth Tongue 0.05 5 Earth Resistance Potion
True Brew: Farhangite 0.05 5 Minor Constitution Potion
True Brew: Fly Agaric Mushroom 0.5 5 Poison Bottle
True Brew: Guepinia 0.5 5 Fire resistance potion
True Brew: Jellyroom 0.5 5 Air Resistance Potion
True Brew: Penny Bun 0.5 5 Minor Healing Potion
True Brew: Puffball 0.5 5 Minor Wits Potion
True Brew: Trumpet of Death 0.5 5 Minor Resist All Potion
True Brew: Whisperwood 0.5 5 Magic Armour Potion

Gift Bag books and notes[]

Following books, notes and recipes are exclusive to Gift Bag related content, be it recipes from Crafter's Kit gift bag or Gift Bag The Four Relics of Rivellon.

Gift bag books[]

Name Weight Value Quest Location Coordinates Notes
Dwarven Customs & Traditions 0.5 1 Keep Calm and Carrion Orivand's Chambers X:255, Y:125 Starts the quest

Gift bag recipes[]

Name Gift Bag Weight Value Teaches
A Summoner's Lament, Volume One Order and Magic: Pet Power 0.5 1 Blood Infusion Skillbook
Oil Infusion Skillbook
Everyday Miracles: Scrolls & Spells Song of Nature: Crafter's Kit 0.05 5 Blank Air Skillbook
High Tier Blank Earth Skillbook
I Like Barrels Song of Nature: Crafter's Kit 0.05 5 Barrel
Blessed Water Barrel
Cursed Oil Barrel
Oil Barrel
Ooze Barrel
Water Barrel
The Adventurer's Liquid Friend Song of Nature: Crafter's Kit 0.05 5 Draught of Speed
Potion of Focus
Potion of Power
Potion of Vitality
The Art Of Destruction: Fiery Infusions Song of Nature: Crafter's Kit 0.05 5 Fire Arrowhead
Flaming Axe
Flaming Bow
Flaming Club
Flaming Crossbow
Flaming Dagger
Flaming Knife
Flaming Spear
Flaming Staff
Flaming Sword
Flaming Two Handed Axe
Flaming Two Handed Mace
Flaming Two Handed Sword
The Art Of Destruction: Grenades Song of Nature: Crafter's Kit 0.05 5 Eraser grenade
Flaming nailbomb
Flame dazzler grenade
Ice dazzler grenade
Icy nailbomb
Oil dazzler grenade
Oily nailbomb
Poison dazzler grenade
Poison nailbomb
Soggy nailbomb
Stunning water grenade
Stunning ice grenade
Stunning flame grenade
Stunning oil grenade
Stunning poison grenade
Water dazzler grenade
The Art Of Destruction: Traps Song of Nature: Crafter's Kit 0.05 5 Trap Mechanism
Undeployed Dazzler Trap
Undeployed Displacer Trap
Undeployed Firestorm Trap
Undeployed Nailbomb Trap
Undeployed Poison Gas Trap
Undeployed Smoke Trap
Undeployed Thunderbolt Trap
The Tactical Archer's Guide To Arrows Song of Nature: Crafter's Kit 0.05 5
Towards A Crafting Philosophy Song of Nature: Crafter's Kit 0.05 5 Crafter's Kit