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Creatures are NPCs which are usually un-named, hostile and appear multiple times across Divinity: Original Sin II game.


The following list of creatures contains all unnamed NPCs that appear in Divinity: Original Sin II and are for the most part enemies, offer no more than few lines of dialogue and appear more than once in the game (save for few exceptions).

Types of Creatures and NPCs[]

  • Animals - Creatures that naturally inhabit Rivellon. Mostly non-hostile and cared for by the Seven Races.
  • Black Ring - Faction of cultists originally worshipping Lord of Chaos, now they are Sworn to the God King. Main enemies of the Divine Order.
  • Demons - Children of Lord of Chaos who prey on the children of the Seven Gods. They are usually hostile but open to deals (usually favoring them over their mortal counterparts).
  • Divine Order - Followers of Lucian the Divine.
    • Magisters - Youngest faction within Divine Order compromised of civilians afraid of the Voidwoken crisis. Followers of Alexandar and Dallis. Greatly at odds with Paladins due to their treatment of Sourcerers.
    • Paladins - The paladins are the oldest faction within the Order and protectors of Arx and Paladin checkpoint. They are not hostile towards Godwoken unless they are attacked by them.
    • Seekers - Ex-paladins of the Divine Order (still following Lucians principles) led by Gareth Pryce in search of Godwoken to protect and ascend into Divinity.
  • Sworn - Beings who swore their souls and servitude to God King in exchange for anything they desire. With few exceptions always hostile to Godwoken.
  • Voidwoken - The voidwoken are beasts corrupted by the void and are generally hostile towards every living being (including Undead).
  • Undead - Restless souls who were denied rest in Hall of Echoes. Mostly hostile with few exceptions.

List of Creatures per Location[]

Following lists provides names of the location and creatures that appear in it. Note that some of these may appear in multiple locations and by doing so have slightly different stats.

The Merryweather[]

Reaper's Eye[]

Fort Joy[]

Hollow Marshes[]

The Lady Vengeance[]

Reaper's Coast[]

The Nameless Isle[]


Tomb of Lucian[]

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