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Original Sin 2 Quests is a page detailing all quests and chronicles in Divinity: Original Sin II game. With few exceptions all of these quests and chronicles are present in both Classic and Definitive Edition of the game.

Act 1 Quests - The Merryweather[]

Quest Location Issuer Type
Death Belowdecks Merryweather - Lower galley Magister Waters Side
Troubled Waters Merryweather / Main

Act 2 Quests - Escape from Reaper's Eye[]

Quest Location Issuer Type
A Fate Worse Than Death Braccus Rex's Tower Gwick / Rask / Tamsyn
Artifacts of the Tyrant Reaper's Eye
Call to Arms Ruined castle / Sanctuary of Amadia Gareth
Finding Emmie Fort Joy Buddy Side
Healing Touch Sanctuary of Amadia Simone Side
Hot Under The Collar Reaper's Eye Main
Most Dangerous When Cornered Sanctuary of Amadia Gratiana / Tarlene
Nothing But Child's Play Braccus Rex's Tower
The Arena of Fort Joy Fort Joy Thola, The Thorny One Side
The Armoury Decrepit ruins
The Burning Pigs Hollow Marshes Flaming Pig Side
The Cursed Ring Madman's Enclave Band of Braccus Side
The Escape Reaper's Eye Main
The Eternal Worshipper Sanctuary of Amadia Gratiana
The Gargoyle's Maze The Gargoyle's Maze Side
The Imprisoned Elf Fort Joy Amyro / Saheila Side
The Murderous Gheist Fort Joy Migo / Yarrow Side
The Purged Dragon Dragon's Beach Slane the Winter Dragon
The Shakedown Fort Joy Elodi Side
The Shriekers Ruined castle / Sanctuary of Amadia Gareth / Gratiana / Tarlene
The Teleporter Fort Joy ghetto Gawin
The Tribe of Saheila Fort Joy / The Caverns Amyro
The Vault of Braccus Rex Reaper's Eye
The Voices Reaper's Eye
Escape from Fort Joy Fort Joy
Escape from Reaper's Eye Reaper's Eye
Withermoore's Soul Jar Forgotten cell Lord Withermoore

Act 3 Quests - I,the Godwoken[]

Quest Location Issuer Type
Lady o' War The Lady Vengeance Malady
To the Hall of Echoes Hall of Echoes Malady

Act 4 Quests - Mastering the Source[]

Quest Location Issuer Type
A Danger to Herself and Others Healer's house Gregorius Swann
A Generous Offer Ryker
Aggresive Takeover
A Hunter of Wicked Things Bloodmoon Island Jahan
All in the Family Stonegarden Tarquin
Almira's Request Almira
A Man and His Dog Driftwood square
An Existential Crisis Stonegarden
An Eye for an Eye Cullwoods Mill
A Taste of Freedom
A Trial for All Seasons The Cullwoods
A Web of Desire Undertavern
Bitter Tonic Cullwoods Mill Black Widowmaker
Burying the Past Paradise Downs Gareth
Bussiness Rivals
Counting your Chickens
Dark Dealings in the Blackpits Paladin Checkpoint / The Blackpits Thom Hardwin
Drowning her Sorrows The Black Bull - Second Floor Ablewether
Eithne the Trader Eithne
Finder's Fee Paladin Checkpoint / Cullwoods Mill
Heroes' Rest Reaper's Coast
Hide and Seek Reaper's Coast
Lost and Found Driftwood Lagan
No Laughing Matter Cullwoods Mill Mudbarrow
No Way Out The Blackpits
Old Flames Cullwoods Mill Edie Engrym
On the Ropes The Blackpits Hannag
Opposites Attract
Popularity Contest Ryker's Rest
Powerful Awakening Reaper's Coast Malady
Press-ganged Cullwoods Mill Corbin Day
Red Ink in the Ledger Garvan
Saheila's People Amyro
Shadow over Driftwood Lohar
Shroud of the Voidwoken Paradise Downs Almira
Speaking in Forked Tongues Ryker's Rest Xiuh
Strange Cargo Driftwood Higba
Stranger in a Strange Land Stonegarden Vilnx Creeva
The Advocate Bloodmoon Island The Advocate
The Bark's Bite The Cullwoods
The Burning Prophet Reaper's Bluffs
The Driftwood Arena Undertavern Arran the Raucous One
The Elven Seer Cullwoods Mill Tovah
The Forgotten and the Damned Bloodmoon Island
The Law of the Order Reimond
The Merchant The Black Bull - Second Floor Spirit of Baran Levere
The Midnight Oil The Blackpits Ryker
The Missing Magisters Driftwood Carver
The Reluctant Servants Stonegarden Farimah
The Secrets of Bloodmoon Island Bloodmoon Island
The Snoozing Adventurer The Black Bull
The Ugly Little Bird Driftwood Fields Ferno
They Shall Not Pass Reaper's Coast Barin Pruitt / Mari Pruitt
The Wrecked Caravan Reaper's Coast Lohar
Treated like Cattle Driftwood Fields
Unlikely Lovers Paradise Downs Almira / Mihaly
Window of Opportunity Cloisterwood Hannag
Wishful Thinking Reaper's Coast

Act 5 Quests - The Nameless Isle[]

Quest Location Issuer Type
A Familiar Face Delorus
An Unlikely Patron Temple of Tir-Cendelius Alexandar
Invaders Sallow Man
Proving Ground The Academy of the Seven Ghechswol
Running like Clockwork Temple of Xantezza
Seeking Revenge Temple of Tir-Cendelius Gareth
The Academy The Academy of the Seven
The Arena of the One
The Drowned Temple Temple of Vrogir
The Key to Freedom Almira
The Mother Tree The Mother Tree
The Nameless Isle The Nameless Isle Malady
The Sallow Man Sallow Man
The Watcher's Mercy The Lunar Gate The Watcher
Unscholarly Pursuits The Academy of the Seven Raedalus / Taryan Graye
Up in the Clouds Temple of Amadia

Act 6 Quests - The Hunt for Dallis[]

Quest Location Issuer Type
A King Reborn Tarquin
A Lizard Nightmare Ancient Empire Consulate
A Most Urgent Matter The Cathedral Charlie
Deathfog Rising Arx N/A
Doctor's Orders Arx Eleanessa
Finding Lord Arhu the Cathedral Arhu
Hammerfall Arx Malady
Mercy is Power Arx Prison Sauer
Old Means Gold Vault of Linder Kemm Cat the Appraiser
Past Mistakes Karon
School's Out Good Counsel School Beryl Griff
Silence Broken
The Last Stand of the Magisters Magister Barracks N/A
The Missing Prisoners Warden Yona
The Righteous The Path of Blood Simulacrum of Lucian
The Second Passion of Lucian Vault of Linder Kemm N/A
The Vault of Linder Kemm Kemm's Gardens / Vault of Linder Kemm N/A
What a Fuss to have Wrought Old Lady's House Sanguinia Tell
Wisdom of the Keeper Arx Arhu / Sanders

Act 7 Quests - To be Divine[]

Quest Location Issuer Type
End Times Tomb of Lucian Dallis / Lucian Main

Origin Quests[]

Quest Location Issuer
A Wolf Alone Reaper's Eye Ifan ben-Mezd
Crippling a Demon Arx Lohse / Malady
Hunt for the Master Reaper's Eye Sebille Kaleran
A Scholar from Times Past Fane
Make a Brave Face of It Reaper's Eye Fane
Prime The Nameless Isle Sebille Kaleran
Redemption Reaper's Eye The Red Prince
Running with the Pack Reaper's Coast Ifan ben-Mezd
Searching the Shadows Reaper's Coast Sebille Kaleran
Strike at the Heart The Nameless Isle Sebille Kaleran
The Fog of War Reaper's Coast Ifan ben-Mezd
The Thing Inside Rivellon Lohse
The Hunters Hunted The Red Prince
The Beast o' the Sea Reaper's Eye Marcus Miles


  • A Rare Prey
  • Champion of the Gods
  • Chapter 1 - The Merryweather
  • Chapter 2 - Escape from Reaper's Eye
  • Chapter 3 - I, the Godwoken
  • Chapter 4 - Mastering the Source
  • Chapter 5 - The Nameless Isle
  • Chapter 6 - The Hunt for Dallis
  • Chapter 7 - To Be Divine
  • Rise of the Dwarves
  • Signs of Resistance
  • The Eternal Promise
  • The Future of Elvendom
  • The Magister Crusade

Cut quests[]