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Periodic table of elements in Divinity: Original Sin II

In Divinity: Original Sin 2 skills are sorted into 10 combat abilities and racial, source and special categories. Out of all these only the skills belonging under combat abilities can be improved by investing points granted upon leveling or by finding appropriate gear. Note that categories are not exclusive; skills may belong to warfare and pyrokinetic category and may also be regarded as source skill.

Combat abilities[]

Icon Name Description Damage Type Class Presets
Aerotheurgy Icon (Original Sin 2)
Aerotheurge Aerotheurge increases all Air damage you do. Magical (Air) Battlemage
Geomancer Icon (Original Sin 2)
Geomancer Geomancer increases all Poison and Earth damage you deal, and any Physical Armour restoration you cause. Magical (Earth and Poison) Fighter
Huntsman Icon (Original Sin 2)
Huntsman Huntsman increases the damage bonus when attacking from high ground. Physical Ranger
Hydrosophist Icon (Original Sin 2)
Hydrosophist Hyrosophist increases all Water damage you deal, and any Vitality healing or Magic armour restoration that you cause. Magical (Water) Cleric
Necromancer Icon (Original Sin 2)
Necromancer Necromancer heals you whenever you deal damage directly to Vitality. Physical (Blood) Cleric
Polymorph Class Icon (Original Sin 2)
Polymorph Polymorph provides 1 free Attribute Point per point invested. Physical Metamorph
Pyrokinetic Icon (Original Sin 2)
Pyrokinetic Pyrokinetic increases all Fire damage you deal. Magical (Fire) Ranger
Scoundrel Icon (Original Sin 2)
Scoundrel Scoundrel increases movement speed and boosts your Critical Modifier. Physical Rogue
Summoning Icon (Original Sin 2)
Summoning Summoning increases Vitality, Damage, Physical Armour and Magic Armour of your summons and totems. Magical (Random) Conjurer
Warfare Icon (Original Sin 2)
Warfare Warfare increases all Physical Damage you deal. Physical Battlemage

Source skills[]

Pure source skills[]

Pure source skills are skills that rely solely on the use of Source and do not rely on any combat abilities such as Hydrosophist for example. These skills in particular are abhorred by the Magisters and using them in their vicinity may draw their ire. Following table shows all pure Source skills which the Godwoken may learn during their travels through Rivellon.

Icon Name Effect Ability SP Cost
Bless (Original Sin 2) Bless Bless your target or self. Sourcery 1
Curse (Original Sin 2) Curse Curse your target. Sourcery 0
Source vampirism Source Vampirism Drain Source from your target in order to gain Source Point and destroy a spirit. Sourcery 0
Spirit vision DoSII icon Spirit Vision Allows caster to perceive spirits. Sourcery 0

Mixed source skills[]

Mixed source skills are skills that rely on both source and prowess in combat abilities like Warfare. In order to use these one must have enough prowess in said ability and enough source at hand in order to use these. These skills more often than not are also harder to remember and therefore may cost more Memory Slots.

Special skills[]

Special skills are skills that have special criteria in order to be used. One such criteria are weapon skills which need corresponding weapon combination equipped in order to be learnt and used. Some skills are also exclusive to summoned creatures such as the Swap Places spell of the Black Cat.

This category specifically includes:

Origin Source skills
Racial skills
Weapon skills
NPC skills

Uncategorized and NPC skills[]

Skills in this category are skills that are used by NPCs and/or are accessed only in Game Master Mode. These skills are not meant to be used by the player characters, therefore some of these may lack additional information (such as images). Especially if said skill is not found in Game Master Mode but is being used by NPCs in game.