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Base game talents[]

Talent Description Extra Details
All Skilled Up 1 Combat and Civil ability point to spend immediately N/A
Ambidextrous Reduces the cost of using grenades and scrolls by 1 AP when your offhand is free. N/A
Ancestral Knowledge Increases Loremaster by 1 Elven racial talent
Arrow Recovery 33% Chance to recover a special arrow after firing it N/A
Bigger and Better Immediately grants +2 attribute points to spend N/A
Comeback Kid If an enemy lands a fatal blow you resurrect to 20% health. If you die and get resurrected in combat, Comeback Kid will be available again Once per combat.
Corpse Eater Lets you eat body parts to gain memories of the dead Elf racial talent
Demon +15% Fire resistance, -15% Water resistance. +10 Fire resistance. Incompatible with Ice King, Pyrokinetic 1 required
Duck Duck Goose Lets you evade attacks of opportunity 1 Huntsman
Dwarven Guile + 1 Sneaking Dwarf racial talent
Elemental Affinity Lowers the AP cost of spells by 1 when standing in a surface of the same element.
Escapist Allows you to flee combat when enemies are right next to you N/A
Executioner +2 AP after delivering kill blow. Only works once per turn. 1 Warfare required. incompatible with The Pawn
Elemental Ranger Arrows afflict bonus elemental damage depending on the surface theyare standing in Huntsman 1
Far Out Man Increases spell and scroll cast distance by 2m N/A
Five-Star Diner Doubles the effects of food and potions N/A
Glass Cannon Start with maximum AP every round, but Phy. and Mag. armor do not protect you from statuses N/A
Guerrilla While sneaking, Guerrilla increases attack damage by 40% 1 Sneaking
Hothead While at maximum Vitality +10% critical chance and +10% accuracy N/A
Ice King +15% Water resistance, -15% Fire resistance, +10 Water resistance Incompatible with Demon, Hydrophist 1 required
Ingenious Gives + 5 bonus Critical Chance and + 10% extra Critical Multiplier Human racial talent
Leech Heal when standing in blood N/A
Living Armour Adds 35% of all healing you receive by skills or consumables to your magic armour.
Lonewolf read the page
Mnemonic Gives you 3 extra points in your Memory attribute.
Morning Person When revived start at full HP N/A
Opportunist Ability to perform attack of opportunity N/A
Parry Master Gives you 10% Dodging while dual wielding.
Pet Pal Speak to animals N/A
Picture of Health +3% Vitality for every point in Warfare N/A
Rooted Increases Memory by 3 Rooted is a special talent acquirable only by Sebille if she accepts her role as Prime Scion on the Nameless Isle
Savage Sortilege Gives all magical spells a critical chance of 100% of your critical chance score N/A
Slingshot Increase grenade throwing distance by 5m N/A
Sophisticated Grants +10% fire resistance and +10% poison resistance Lizard racial talent
Spider's Kiss Lowers Constitution by 2 Talent is acquired after making deal with Dorotya. This talent cannot be removed.
Stench Decreases everyone's attitude towards you by 25, but melee opponents find you less attractive in combat.
Sturdy Increases maximum Vitality by 10% and Dodging by 5% Dwarven racial talent
The Pawn 1 Free AP to move with at start of turn Incompatible with Executioner
Thrifty Gives + 1 to Bartering Human racial talent
Torturer Increases the duration of damage statuses caused by your skills and surfaces by 1 turn.
Undead Undead lets you heal from poison, but regular healing will damage you instead. Undead racial
Unstable Makes you explode when you die dealing 100% of vitality as physical damage in a 3-meter radius.
Walk it Off Reduces all status duration by 1 turn, positive effects also apply N/A
What a Rush Increases maximum recovery and maximum AP by 1 when below 50% HP N/A

Talents from "Divine Talents" gift bag[]

These talents require the activation of gift bag "Divine Talents", note that this is a permanent modification which cannot be removed and it will disable achievments. The game will automatically save and load after activating it.

Talent Description Extra Details
Gladiator Once per turn counterattack anyone who attacks you with melee attack. Requires wielding any Shield
Greedy Vessel Every time someone casts a Source Spell in combat you have 20 % chance of receiving 1 Source Point. Requires level 6
Haymaker Your attacks never miss but you are unable to land critical hits. N/A
Indomitable Gain immunity against Crippled, Frozen, Knocked Down, Petrified, Polymorph for 1 turn after you were affected by any of these. Incompatible with Glass Cannon talent
Can happen once every 3 turns
Magic Cycles At the start of combat gain 1 of two possible statuses: "Cycle of Fire and Water" and "Cycle of Earth and Air".
Cycle of Fire and Water increases Hydrosophist and Pyrokinetic by 2.
Cycle of Earth and Air increases Geomancer and Aerotheurge by 2.
Statuses swap each turn
Master Thief Become invisible while pickpocketing N/A
Sadist Melee attack deal additional "fire" damage to "Burning" target, "poison" damage to "Poisoned" targets and additional "physical" damage to "Bleeding" targets N/A
Soulcatcher When allied character dies a Zombie Crawler is raised at their corpse under their control. Zombie Crawler lasts 3 turns or until ally is resurrected. Range 12
Does not affect summoned creatures


9-20-2017: Fixed talents list to be updated to current release talents.