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Image Name Info
Amazing Amazing You have solved Bellegar's maze.
Baaaah. You have met the legendary weresheep!
Brutal Truth You told Aureus that his soldiers are cowards.
Captain Jack Captain Jack You found a job for the unemployed. They will work for Captain Jack.
Caught in the Game You tried to sneak past the guards... And failed!
Disciples of the Watch You sent the Watch after those annoying imps.
Echoes from the Past You talked Ebenezer into... fighting you.
Escape Escape You safely returned to the surface.    
Fabulous disaster Fabulous disaster The Fabulous Five packed their bags and left town.
Feeble screams from forests unknown Feeble screams from forests unknown You have safely entered Phantom Forest.
Fields of Regret A certain potion wore off and that had some consequences...    
Find the White Witch Find the White Witch You have rescued the White Witch.
Forged in fire Forged in Fire And water. And air. And Earth.
Forgiven You advised Desdemona to forgive Samson.
Gimme Shelter You have saved the Homestead at the Shelter Plane at the End of Time.
Grande Finale You have totally, completely, and utterly finished the game! Woooo!!!!1
Grizzled Finale You have made it into the Source Temple.    
Headlines Headlines You talked to Icara and learned more about Leandra's plans.
Hey Hey Do The Zombie Stomp Hey Hey Do The Zombie Stomp Zombie Nick will now do your bidding.
I walked with a zombie I walked with a zombie You defeated Evelyn and found Councillor Jake.
Into the Void Into the Void You have met the Conduit.
Is anyone home Is anyone home? You defeated the four elemental demons, unlocking the prison of...
It Could Be Mine You kept Cecil's staff for yourself.
Keelhauled Keelhauled You killed the ghost of Pontius Pirate.
Kingdom Come You made Archibald king of the trolls.
Leave My Girl Alone You saved Bonnie!    
Live undead Live undead You informed Aureus about the source of the undead.
Locked In You made it so that Loic couldn't escape and had to fight you alone.
Man on the Silver Mountain You escorted the whole party safely to Silverglen.    
Mister nice guy Mister Nice Guy You delivered Blossius' will to Marisa totally unaltered.
Memory Motel Memory Motel You've found a silky souvenir.
Model Citizen You returned the mayor's mighty staff.    
No More Mister Nice Guy You delivered the will to Marisa... After changing it in your favour.
Peace sells Peace sells You found a way to open the barrier without harming any mushrooms.    
Push it Push it You pushed this one button we wanted you to push. Congratulations!
Raw Deal You have made a deal with the demon Balberith.
Run Down the Devil You have destroyed Balberith.
Sacrifice You came face-to-face with Mangoth himself. MANGOTH!
Shell shock Shell Shock You met a talking shell called Ishashell.
Skull Crushing Finale You have finished the Trial of Ascension.
Sleeping village Sleeping Village You made it into Hunter's Edge.
Stray Cat Strut Stray Cat Strut Arhu is a cat forever! If you ever have a problem with mice, you know who to call.
Suspicious minds Suspicious minds You've found your primary suspect.
Take No Prisoners You rescued the prisoners and helped them escape.
Team Roller You thwarted Billeh Gahr's trap with teamwork.
The Declaration of Indifference You have offered one of your own to the demon Balberith.
The mind is a terrible thing to test The mind is a terrible thing to test You passed the test! Well, one of many.
The mirror inside The Mirror Inside You have solved the puzzle that we call the Mirror Dungeon puzzle.
The One That Got Away Esmeralda was freed from prison.
The System Has Failed You sent the Watch on a wild goose chase.
The Wizard You have found Zandalor.
The World Needs Guts You found a job for the unemployed with the Fabulous Five!
Time to kill Time to Kill You have created a spell that makes Death Knights vulnerable.
To Hell With The Devil You have killed Cassandra to get hold of the soulforge repair ritual.
Trick bag Trick bag You've found the legendary teleportation devices of Rivellon!
Truth be told Truth be told Get Brandon to tell you the truth about the mining guild.
Undeath is just the Beginning You told Arhu about Thelyron's machinations.
Unforgiven You advised Desdemona not to forgive Samson.
Voices From The Past You talked Ebenezer into... Not going to the Hall of Echoes.
Well, well, well You have united the well brothers.
Whisky in the Jar You brewed a fine whisky for Hershel.
Wicked Young Man You have killed Arhu to get hold of the soulforge repair ritual.
Wrecking Ball You destroyed Snorri's ball outside of the time limit.
You and me You and Me Sam and Maxine are going to be wed!
You Keep Me Rockin You kept the Tenebrium for yourself.
Zero the hero You lied to Aureus and said that his soldiers are true heroes.