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Dragon Knight Orobas was one of the greatest Dragon Knights to exist. He was the lord of the Orobas Fjords. According to his followers, he was a kind and fair lord, leading the Fjords to great conquers and prosperity.

Haughty as many Dragon Knights were, some specialized in the art of conjuring, like Orobas, simply to avoid getting their hands dirty during battle.


The Invasion of the Orobas Fjords[]

Dragon Slayer Lord Arben, one of the mightiest slayers, led the invasion to the Orobas Fjords, battling against Orobas himself. At the end of the battle, before Orobas could be slain, he entered into a hatch and closed it magically. Since then, none has heard from him. The Orobas Fjords were then plagued by Goblins, Wyverns, Black Ring soldiers and Champion Soldiers from Aleroth.

Orobas's Fate[]

Orobas hid himself inside the hatch, sealing it magically, never to be opened again from the inside. Because of the many years that past, Orobas died. No one knows if he died of hunger, aging or some disease. But the Dragon Knight finds his skeleton on the ground at the end of the Down the Hatch quest.

Related quests[]

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