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Haughty as many Dragon Knights were, some specialized in the art of conjuring simply to avoid getting their hands dirty during battle. Of course, there is no guarantee a foe might not make it past their minions: so the armour and weapon pertaining to this set are of great quality - as, indeed, are all things Draconic.

Orobas Set is an armor set in Divinity II: Dragon Knight Saga.


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Equipment modifiers[]

  Damage Stat modified Pieces worn
Melee Magic 2 3 4
Orobas Warhammer 5 - 7 21 - 39 Magic damage
Item Level Armour Stat modified Pieces worn
Melee Ranged Magic 2 3 4
Orobas Bracers 15 3 0 1 Vitality
Orobas Leggings 15 1 1 1 Melee armour
Orobas Armour 15 4 0 4 Melee Armour Rating


Given at the beginning of the game.