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Adventurers often have the tendency to accumulate loot with greater diligence than a squirrel that is storing nuts for winter. It is therefore not a bad idea to train your back-pack-stuffing capabilities, because a good packer can carry around a lot more booty!
skill description

Encumbrance is a Dragon Slayer skill that can be used by the Dragon Knight in Divinity II: Dragon Knight Saga.


Encumbrance is a passive Dragon Slayer skill that allows them to carry items with them. The Knight has always atleast 1 point in this skill which cannot be unlearnt.


Skill Level Maximum Number of Items Carried
1 100
2 120
3 140
4 160
5 180


Once the Dragon Knight gains access to the Battle Tower they will have a "stash" that will let them store items. This stash has 400 item slots and also gives the player the ability to simply send items to the stash no matter where they are. Because of this mechanic the Encumbrance skill has little to no use after the Knight has reached the battle tower.