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Past Mistakes is a quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Quick walkthrough[]

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Detailed walkthrough[]

When first encountered by Godwoken he appears as a small child trapped in a metal cage, in front of which is giant pentagram. The pentagram has 5 braziers on its ends which are protected by spirits of dead seekers.

Should the godwoken decide to free Karon,  they have to light up all braziers at once (possible by casting fireball). This action will free Karon and release the spirits into the Hall of Echoes. Afterwards the player has the choice to fight Karon immediatelly or ally with him and meet him in the Crypt of Lucian.

If the godwoken leave Karon in the cage and returns to the area after some time, they will find out that Karon had escaped on his own.


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