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I am the Patriarch, of the Old Creator Race, true Dragon, one of the few within the universe beyond the Great Chaos.

Patriarch the Black is an ancient dragon residing on Rivellon. His true name is so powerful that speaking it out loud would be like a spell that would utterly change the world, causing new creatures to spawn into existence. Simply thinking about his name may cause new breeds of flowers to sprout forth from the ground.


One of the last members of his race, Patriarch is an ancient dragon possibly as old as Rivellon itself. As one of the most powerful beings on Rivellon he has influenced on events throughout Rivellons history. It was he who had opened a portal to the Hall of Echoes for Maxos in Yuthul Gor.

In 1218 AD he is encountered by Lucian the Divine in the Yuthul Gor wastes and is subsequently tricked into revealing the secret of becoming a spirit.

In 1300 AD, he is approached by both Damian and the Dragon Knight in his lair in Orobas Fjords, who want a portal to the Hall of Echoes opening; for Damian he refuses, but opens the path for the Dragon Knight, creating the entryway beneath the roots of Irminsul.

Interactions with the player character[]

Divine Divinity[]

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Ego Draconis[]


Mind reading[]

The Patriarch’s mind is a whirl of power too strong and overwhelming to grasp. With sharp pangs of pain you hasten to leave this great ocean of knowledge, but not without a much desired effect: You can feel that, no matter how infinitely small a part of it you have understood, your Dragon form will be the stronger for it.
Dragon Skill Points

Related quests[]

Divine Divinity[]

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Ego Draconis[]

Related Achievment[]

  • Dragon Ho!
    • The Knight spoke with Patriarch


  • In Ego Draconis Damian will not appear if the Knight did not ask the Patriarch to create the portal to Hall of Echoes.


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