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Peavey is a guard found on the roof of the Barracks in 1300 AD.


Ill suited to being a guard, Peavey has a reputation for cowardice; such as to be known as "Chicken Peav[e]y" among the guards, who feel sympathy for those who are on duty with him.[1]

Such is his cowardice that he turned tail and ran when attacked by goblins, leaving his comrade Quincy stranded atop a watch town in the valley. Hiding at the top of the barracks, he worries about what he should do about abandoning his colleague. His betrayal eventually discovered by the Dragon Slayer and committed to jail for his crime.

Interactions with the player character[]


Mind reading[]

Joining the guards was the worst idea I ever had! And now look at what’s happened!
Reveals the location of buried treasure

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