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You're a real landlubber, aren't you? I can always tell!
Pedro upon meeting the Dragon Knight

Pedro is one of the two remaining guards at the encampment of the shipwrecked Starbound on Sentinel Island in 1300 AD.


Presumably a crewmate of the Starbound, Pedro was marooned alongside the rest of the crew when the ship was magically transported to Sentinel Island. He and Biscoe guard the entrance to the encampment established around the Starbound's wreck, defending it from the various creatures that roam the island.

When the Dragon Knight approaches, Pedro and Biscoe can be seen discussing the attacks on the camp. Pedro expresses concern, noting that during the last attack they had lost 3 guards.

What becomes of him and the rest of the Starbound's crew after Sentinel Island is shrouded in Deathfog is unknown, though it is unlikely he survived.

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