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Philosophy of Life is a quest in Divine Divinity.

Quick walkthrough[]

  • Talk to Otto at the entrance of Nericon's garden.
  • Enter the garden and talk to the statue of Nemris.
    • The answers are "Experience", "Truth and untruth", "Good, evil and neutrality".


At the entrance to Nericon's Garden, Lucian will encounter three followers of Nemris: Otto, Barry, Gina. They are unable to worship Nemris, as the gate to garden is locked; the key being in the possession of the merchant Blake, who won't sell key to them.

Agree to obtain the key and speak to Blake, if one hasn't received an invitation to the castle Blake will refuse to sell the key as he will not just sell it to anyone. Once the invitation has been earned, he will sell it for 100 gold.

Return to the garden and head to the northeast end after opening the gate; here Nemris' statue will be found and it will test Lucian on their knowledge of his teachings in his book: The Path of Life, the correct answers are;

  • Experience
  • Truth and untruth
  • Good, evil and neutrality

Answering any question incorrectly will fail the quest. Once the questions have been answered correctly, Otto, Barry and Gina will also consider Lucian their new master and will follow them up to the exit of the garden, after which they will return to the statue.


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