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Pig ownership is a book in Divine Divinity.


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Citizen, have you ever considered raising your own pigs? At present the universal demand for pork and bacon is higher than the farming communities in the Dukedom of Ferol can currently produce. Young pigs can be easily obtained from local farms. There's a fortune running around on trotters, just waiting to be picked-up!

Stating tips: - Don't buy too many pigs. With too many animals per pen, it is difficult to keep things clean and the animals disease free. - It takes about five months for the pigs grow to minimum slaughtering age. - Experienced pig-breeders say the best way to get big and healthy pigs is to feed them on a mix of potatoes, apples, stinging nettles and grass. Of course, swill will do when these things are out of season. - If you've got enough money, buy milk for your pigs. Milk will give them stronger bones and a better weight...