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Tips and tricks are taken from various sources alongside my own experiences. If they have been taken from somewhere credit will be listed up here or in the box itself with a name.

If a tip, trick or feature has been changed in-game and has not been changed here on this list feel free to let me know and I'll adjust it or if you know what you are doing here when editing feel free to add or change it yourself.

Credit List[]

Various tips, tricks and features have been listed from this tips and tricks thread. Credit to user Darxim for compiling and multiple other users for submitting.

Tips, Tricks and Features[]

Lizard characters can dig up mounds without a shovel, however it needs to already be revealed for them to dig. You can also use a shovel to dig for mounds if you know it is there, even without a Wits character.
Acquire a Bedroll as soon as possible and keep it on you always, using it restores the whole party to maximum Constitution and gives a stat buff for three turns. You can drag the bedroll into a characters hotbar for quicker use. Easy bedroll location here. (wip)
If you are struggling to manage the crafting system, there is a handy tool to easily search and find recipes, you can find it here : www.irodemine.com/divinity2/
Using a Hammer + Nails will give you Lockpicks, which can be used to open certain locked doors and chests if you have a character with high enough Thieving skill.
If you don't have a character with a Thieving skill you can also destroy the chests/doors to open them. Common chests and doors have around 200 hitpoints while stronger ones have over 5000. Using a mage's spells can easily break these without spending equipment durability.
While you might be tempted to steal everything you can it is not possible like it was in DoS1, you will most likely be found out very quickly after the crime and be punished harshly. You may try to talk your way out of it using certain attributes or another way is to hide a character farther away and transfer the item immediately from the thief to that character and allow the thief to get their bag checked. If you are stealing skill books, use them immediately or use the previous method to avoid detection.
After acquiring the Gloves of Teleporation you can use Teleport to get a party member to a ladder behind Mona's hut and into the castle from that door, if you have the Magister's Key it'll unlock that door, if not bust it down or lockpick it. Inside the castle you can find multiple paintings worth about 89g without any Bartering points. (Persuasion points + Bartering also lowers/raises prices at merchants)
When you're picking up stuff, you know how it seems to take a little too long before you can take another action? Well, if you right-click (doesn't matter what you right-click on, just hit that right mouse button) it cancels the animation. The thing you were picking up is still picked up, you just don't have to wait for the animation to complete before you do something else. This makes picking up a bunch of stuff off the ground much faster. This also works for some other stuff, like casting spells out-of-combat.
When clicking on item models (the graphics, not the tooltips for them) to pick them up, if you double-click to pick it up, it skips most of the pickup animation. This lets you pick up things faster. If you're using the tooltips to pick stuff up, though, you still need to use the right-click trick.
Right-click on containers (crates and such) or candles in order to pick them up without having to drag them into your bag (it gives you a menu with the Pick Up option). You can sell those things for 1 gold each. Keep in mind that some containers (chests) are very heavy.
If you hold down the button for Show Sneak Cones while not sneaking, you can still see NPC visibility areas. This can help you avoid conflict sometimes. Do note, though, that both friendly and enemy vision fields show up and look exactly the same.
Elves can eat body parts you pick up to gain new abilities and they also heal for a decent amount when consumed. (Click here for a list of consumable, ability granting, body parts) (Wip)
You can right-click on equipment directly to repair it without having to take it off first.
Vendors change their inventories after you level up and hourly also. Be sure to check them often for new equipment.
Right-click on objects and enemies and hit Examine to find more information on them, if you have points in Loremaster you can get more information.
Hold right shift when issuing movement commands to set multiple waypoints. (Essentially draw your path.) [noted by NinjaSteave]
Hold Ctrl to make your left click into an attack, no matter what you're targeting. You can even attack the ground. When attacking the ground with a ranged attack, the first enemy in the path will get hit even if you can't target them directly due to smoke. You can also use this to break open some doors and chests. [noted by error3]
The items an NPC initially has for trade are not lootable from them when they die, however any items you trade to them will be lootable upon their death. [noted by error3] 
Activating the spell Teleportation (without choosing a target) highlights all interactable corpseswithin sight, even those you didn't cause. After you've seen the corpses, you can just right-click to cancel the spell.