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Look closely; the only visible difference between this arrow and a normal arrow can be seen in the sizzling dents within the tip of the arrowhead.

Poison Arrow is a type of ammunition in Divinity: Original Sin II


Poison Arrow is a special arrow which deals poison damage and inflicts Poisoned (Original Sin 2) Poisoned Status (3 turns) if the Magic Armour Icon (Original Sin 2) Magic Armour of affected characters reaches 0. Additionaly this arrow will create a poison surface at the area of impact (2 meter radius).

Characters need to wield bow or crossbow in order to use this arrow. The damage of the arrow depends on: base damage of the wielded weapon, Finesse, Geomancer and height (bonus from height difference is affected by Huntsman).

Since Poison Arrow is a special arrow it is affected by Arrow Recovery talent which grants 33 % chance to recover a special arrow after firing it. This arrow is also affected by Elemental Ranger talent that grants additional elemental damage bonus depending on the surface the shooting character is standing in. It is possible to increase the range of the arrow by 2 meters through the Far Out Man talent.


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Poison Arrow