Captain Mitox gave me a strong poison to throw into the well the orc troops are using as their water supply. The Task will not be easy for I must somehow sneak into the heart of the camp in order to get near the well. Upon completion, I should go back to him.

–Quest Log

Poison the Orcs' water supply is a quest in Divine Divinity

Objective Edit

Walk to the Orc Camp and throw the Bottle Of Poison into the well.

Walkthrough Edit

Captain Mitox gives the player a strong poison the his mages of concocted and marks the location of the Orcs' well on their map.

The player then must use the potion on the well to poison the Orcs.

Quest NPCs Edit

Captain Mitox - Quest Giver

Quest Items Edit

Tips Edit

  • It is recommended to take the mining shaft to reach the well.
  • Wait until nightfall to sneak through the camp.
  • Carry a lot of stamina potions and consume when needed.
  • Using a combination of Freeze and Poison works well against Orcs.
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