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Powerful Awakening is a main quest in Divinity: Original Sin II.

Quick Walkthrough[]

  • Save Meistr Siva on Reaper's Coast
  • Speak with Meistr Siva at Meistr's House in Driftwood
  • Complete the ritual of Vision Serpent to earn Spirit Vision
  • Find other Source Masters and learn from them
  • Complete atleast 2 of the following quests:
    • Almira's Dowry
      • Complete the quest Unlikely Lovers
      • Includes sub-quests: Shroud of the Voidwoken and Saving Magister Mihaly
    • Hannag's Bargain
      • Complete the quest Window of Opportunity
      • Complete the quest On the Ropes
    • Jahan's Lesson
    • Mordus Awakens
      • Complete the quest Shadow over Driftwood
        • Defeat Mordus and persuade him to teach you
    • Saheila's Reward
      • Complete the quest Saheila's People
      • Complete the quest The Elven Seer
    • The Demon's Advocate
    • Waking Ryker
  • Complete the quest The Gift of the Blackroot (optional)
  • Perform the ritual of the Vision Serpent second time (once you have 2 Source Points) to earn Source Vampirism (optional)
  • Perform the ritual of the Vision Serpent third time (once you have 3 Source Points) to learn the location of the Nameless Isle (optional)
  • Return to Lady Vengeance and speak with Malady

Detailed Walkthrough[]

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After godwoken escape the Fort Joy and arrive in Driftwood they need to meet with Meistr Siva who will help them meet up with their respective Gods . Once this has been achieved the Godwoken need to expand their Source powers by learning from other Source Masters.


  • Spirit Vision
    • After doing the ritual for the first time
  • Source Vampirism
    • After doing the ritual for the second time
  • the location of the Nameless Isle
    • After doing the ritual for the third time or speaking with the Advocate and completing his quest
      • Note: Both ways work and award respective achievments
      • Note: If all source masters are killed before getting third source point and discovering the location, the player must summon Malady on Lady Vengeance and speak with her in order to progress. This method will award an achievment but it will have also have an effect on the game itself as Malady can die in later acts.


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