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The Purging Wand is a weapon in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


A wand designed by Sourcerer King Braccus Rex himself, this wand is capable of of consuming Source from any living (or unliving) creature. Usage of the wand has been further refined by Kniles, the Flenser residing in Fort Joy, with the aim of extracting enough Source to place the target under the control of the Divine Order as a thrall. Those who have been drained of their Source in this manner are known as silent monks.


Equipping a Purging Wand grants the Purge skill, which has the same effect as Source Vampirism. It is one of the ways to defeat the Shriekers during Escape from Reaper's Eye and The Shriekers.


The Purging Wand in the Vault of Braccus Rex is found alongside a Drained Wand, which is almost identical, except that it is a level 4 item, is worth 99 gold instead of 110, and does not grant the Purge skill.

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