Pyrokinetic is one of the 8 skill schools in Divinity: Original Sin, specializing in the element of fire.

Skills Edit

The bracket after the CD of each skill indicates the minimum cooldown (achieved when INT is 15 or higher).

Tier Skill Description AP CD Rec Int Rec Abl Lvl
DOS EE Skill Avatar of Fire (DOS EE) Avatar of Fire Make a target immune to Burning. Its melee attackers may catch on fire! 4 6(2) 9 2
DOS EE Skill Burn My Eyes (DOS EE) Burn My Eyes Target gains a temporary Perception bonus. Cures Blinded. 4 8(4) 8 1
DOS EE Skill Burning Touch (DOS EE) Burning Touch Set fire to a nearby target, dealing X-Y fire damage. 3 4(1) 8 1
DOS EE Skill Firefly (DOS EE) Firefly Creates a fire surface. 5 8(4) 8 1
DOS EE Skill Flare (DOS EE) Flare Cast magical heat that does X-Y fire damage. 5 4(1) 8 1
DOS EE Skill Self-Immolation (DOS EE) Self-Immolation Create a fire surface around you, with you in the middle. Grants everyone around you 25% fire resistance for 2 turns and removes Frozen and Stunned. 4 4(1) 9 2
DOS EE Skill Wildfire (DOS EE) Wildfire Haste a target. 4 10(6) 9 2
DOS EE Skill Explode (DOS EE) Explode Deals X-Y fire damage to yourself and to those within 6.0m around out. 3 4(2) 11 3
DOS EE Skill Fire Absorption Shield (DOS EE) Fire Absorption Shield Enchant self or ally with a fire shield. A fire shield absorbs fire damage until it breaks. 3 6(3) 3
DOS EE Skill Fireball (DOS EE) Fireball Cast an explosive ball of fire that does X-Y fire damage to anything within 3.0m of impact. 7 8(5) 10 3
DOS EE Skill Purifying Fire (DOS EE) Purifying Fire Removes Burning, Frozen, Stun, Charm, Healing and Shields. 4 7(4) 3
DOS EE Skill Smokescreen (DOS EE) Smokescreen Create a smoke cloud. 5 7(4) 9 2
DOS EE Skill Summon Fire Elemental (DOS EE) Summon Fire Elemental Summon a level X Fire Elemental in a 15.0m radius for 18s. 7 7(4) 2
DOS EE Skill Immolation (DOS EE) Immolation Instantly set a target on fire. Deals X-Y fire damage. 6 6(4) 11 4
DOS EE Skill Infectious Flame (DOS EE) Infectious Flame Cast a magical flame that forks on impact and does X-Y fire damage to each target. 7 10(8) 12 4
DOS EE Skill Meteor Shower (DOS EE) Meteor Shower 30 fireballs come crashing from the sky. Each does X-Y fire damage to entities within a 3.0m range from impact. 11 12 4

∞) Can only be cast once per combat.

Aerotheurge Novice Avatar of StormsBitter ColdBlitz BoltShocking TouchTeleportationThunder JumpWind of Change
Adept Air Absorption ShieldHeadviceInvisibilitySummon Air ElementalTornado
Master Chain LightningMake InvisibleNetherswapStorm
Geomancer Novice Avatar of PoisonBlessBoulder BashFortifyMidnight OilSummon Spider
Adept Petrifying TouchEarth Absorption ShieldBlessed EarthMagical Poison DartTectonic SpraySummon Wolf
Master Deadly SporesEarthquakeSummon Earth ElementalSummon Poison Slug
Pyrokinetic Novice Avatar of FireBurn My EyesBurning TouchFlareFireflySelf-ImmolationWildfire
Adept ExplodeFire Absorption ShieldFireballPurifying FireSmokescreenSummon Fire Elemental
Master ImmolationInfectious FlameMeteor Shower
Hydrosophist Novice Avatar of FrostFreezing TouchRainRegenerationSlow Current
Adept Cleansing WaterIce ShardIce WallMass SlowSummon Ice ElementalWater Absorption ShieldWater of Life
Master Hail AttackMass HealingMass DiseaseWinterblast
Witchcraft Novice Decaying TouchOath of DesecrationLower ResistancesMaledictionSummon Undead WarriorVampiric Touch
Adept Destroy SummonDrain WillpowerMuteRaptureSummon Armoured Undead Decapitator
Master Death PunchInvulnerabilityHorrific ScreamResurrectSoulsap
Man-at-Arms Novice Battering RamCrushing FistCure WoundsDivine LightHelping HandEncourageMelee Defensive StanceMelee Power Stance
Adept Barbed WireCrippling BlowElemental TortoiseRageTauntWhirlwind
Master FlurryShackles of Pain
Expert Marksman Novice DoctorFirst AidRanged Precision StanceRanged Power StanceRicochetTreat PoisoningSplintered Arrow
Adept Absorb the ElementsBarrageFarseerInfectSurvivor's KarmaVampiric Arrow
Master Arrow SprayRain of ArrowsShrapnel Scatter
Scoundrel Novice AdrenalineFast TrackTripLaceratePrecise IncisionVenomous StrikeWinged FeetWalk in Shadows
Adept Become AirCloak and DaggerDaggers DrawnEye GougeWind-Up Toy
Master Coup De GraceCrawling InfestationShadow Step