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Living on the world of Rivellon are multiple species of sentinent creatures, known as races.

The "seven races"[]

The "seven races", those created in the image of the Seven Gods (Eternals who siezed control over Source) are considered to be the superior species of the world. Each race has a deity and a place on the Council of Seven. Even within this group, humans, elves and dwarves are considered the most "cultured" with arts, commerce and diplomacy as part of their repertoire. Lizards follow close by, however, they have a more nefarious reputation; as thieves and scoundrels. Even so, they also maintain a high level of culture, including diplomatic relations; with an embassy located at Arx.

Orcs, although a warlike race are considered the brethren of the other races of equal measure. Less culturally developed, they are known on occasion to interact and negotiate with the other races.

Wizards, although strictly speaking not a race of their own (as their ranks hail from that of the other races) are considered the sixth of the seven races. Imps, although one of the seven god races, are seen as an inferior race and have not always been accepted by the other cultures due to their past associations to demons, as their slaves. Depending on the time period, their place on the council was actually held instead by the undead.