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Raddagoth is a male human found on Secluded Beach in 4 AR.


Raddagoth is encountered sunbathing on the Secluded Beach just outside Evelyn's Secret Lair. Despite being a Sourcerer, he claims he has not used Source magic in years, content to enjoy his retirement on the beach. The Source Hunters can decide whether to kill him for being a Sourcerer or leave him alone.

Upon reading the Reveal spell to uncover the entrance to Evelyn's lair, Raddagoth (if the Source Hunters haven't killed him) will try to convince the Source Hunters not to go in, revealing that he was hired to guard the entrance but would prefer relaxing on the beach. At this point, he will become hostile unless the Source Hunters can persuade him three times in a row to let them pass.

If fought, Raddagoth will summon five Sand Golems and use Invisibility as much as he can. If his Sand Golems are killed, he will summon more. He will also use Charm if anyone gets too close.

Interactions with Player character[]

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  • An easy way to completely bypass this fight without even winning the persuasion trial, is to use a single invisible character for reading the Reveal spell scroll in front of the entrance, then enter the cave with the same character and teleport the rest of the team inside the cave with the pyramid teleporting devices.
  • The fight can also be made trivially easy by freezing or otherwise incapacitating Raddogoth while he is sunbathing, and quickly killing him before he has a chance to summon golems.