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Radeka is a human Black Ring witch in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


Black Ring witch and sourcerer, Radeka had, some time prior to Sourcerers escape from Fort Joy, enslaved a Slane the Winter Dragon by purging his source after he fell in love with her but ended up on her bad side after something which he describes as a trifle. She had travelled to the island in her search for blood roses.

Interactions with Player character[]

Companion Quest
Spirit Merchant
  • Radeka can be confronted about Slane being imprisoned if Godwoken had spoken to him first.
    * Radeka will at the start of combat with her summon 3 Bloody Corpse, Undead Medat and 3 Carrion Beetle NPCs to aid her.
    * Killing Radeka gives 1700 exp.
    Radeka also drops: Radeka's Thorn and Radeka's Purging Wand upon death

Related quests[]

Loot Table[]

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