Rain is a Hydrosophist skill that affects the environment; creating water surfaces on the ground, extinguishing flames and applying the wet status.


Original SinEdit

  • Not particularly useful by itself, but a very powerful skill if used correctly.
  • Wet creatures add 30% to their chance to be stunned (such as by a Blitz Bolt).
  • Wet creatures that become chilled will instead become frozen.
  • Many creatures that are made of fire, such as Charred Skeletons, will become Weak if you douse their fire with Rain.
  • Don't ignore the simple utility of putting out burning companions.
  • Exploskeletons' fuses can be extinguished using this spell, rendering them harmless.

Original Sin 2Edit

Enabled the user to summon rain in a large radius and can also be used to put out fire on enemies, allies and objects. On the spot of casting it will spawn a small water puddle and will expand over time. Use with caution as enemies can electrify it.

Locations Edit

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Ingredient 1: Sheet of paper + Ingredient 2: Water essence + Ingredient 3: Herring
Produces: Rain scroll

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