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Ranger is a survivor class in Divinity: Original Sin and the Enhanced Edition.


The archers of the Southern Peaks need no introductions. Any lost hunters or curious wanderers who happen upon them are made aware of this fact by a swift arrow through the heart.

Self-sufficient nomads, the archers have no concern for the affairs of lowlanders and are loathe to descend from the sparse mountains they call home.

Only once in all history did the tribe deign to join the affairs of the mainland: to fight the ever-encroaching war against the Source King, Braccus Rex.

Since Braccus' defeat, the archers have, once per generation, offered their finest soldier to the Order of the Source Hunters in an effort to rout the Source before it ever may rise again.

These soldiers are unmatchable in Rivellon for their marksmanship and ability to strike, unseen, like a mountain wind.

Starting statistics[]

Following table shows all statistics, spells and items of the Ranger at the start of the game. There are some differences differences between Classic and Enhanced versions of the game including changes in skills and items at their disposal.

In Enhanced Edition the Rangers skill Tactical Retreat from Classic Edition got replaced with First Aid in Enhanced Edition. Another difference is that instead of 1 Minor Healing potion they have 2 Minor Healing potions and additionally the Ranger has only two Fire Arrows instead of three special arrows.

Statistics of the default Ranger
Attributes Abilities Skills and Talents Equipment Additional Items
Both Editions:
Dexterity + 8
Speed + 6
Perception + 6
Strength + 5
Constitution + 5
Intelligence + 5
Expert Marksman + 1
Bow + 1
Blacksmithing + 1
Loremaster + 1
Crafting + 1
Ranged Power Stance
Tactical Retreat (Classic)
First Aid (Enhanced)

Arrow Recovery
Source Hunter's Bow

Source Hunter's Armour
Travelling Bracers
Source Hunter Sarong
Travelling Boots
Both Editions:
Resurrect Scroll
The Order of the Source Hunters: A Brief History
Backpack x 1
Gold x 200

Classic Edition:
Minor Healing Potion x 2
Fire Arrow
Stunning Arrow
Poison Arrow

Enhanced Edition:
Fire Arrow x 2
Minor Healing Potion x 1
Golden Grail
Zandalor's Trunks