Ransid is a beggar you encounter on Lanilor Lane outside Chez Chanelle in Aleroth during the events of Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance. Like Madam Eve, he is upset that the city's Champions won't help him. He offers a quest, and can provide some background information on the city's Playhouse.


Ransid asks you to retrieve his mother-in-law's earrings from the Playhouse so he can buy some bread, beginning the quest Jewellery in Law. If you offer to give him bread, he insists on getting the earrings instead.

Once you complete All the After World's a Stage in the Playhouse, you gain access to a room in the back where you meet Mara, the spirit of Ransid's deceased mother-in-law. You obtain Mara's Earrings after a short dialog in which you learn that Ransid is a drunk and a gambler.

Note: Instead helping Ransid, you can choose to help Astridax, a necromancer near Alzbeta's Emporium by picking up the quest Sinister Motives prior to obtaining the earrings. Due to mutually exclusive choices, you cannot complete both quests.


Ransid can be mindread for 7500 exp, revealing: "[Behrlihn] Such vermin should be rounded up and burned. A black heart, but a weak will ... How I abhor it!"


Location of Ransid ("G" on map - click image to enlarge):
Lanilor Lane map (D2 FoV location)