Description Edit

Charm a target to switch sides.
100% base chance to set DOS Status Effect CharmedCharmedTurnover to opponent's side

Removed by:
DOS Skill Purifying Fire Purifying Fire

Tips & Strategies Edit

  • Charmed targets are controlled by the AI, and generally ranged enemies will provide more damage as melee targets sometimes just run around a lot.
  • Charmed targets seemed to get attacked a lot, mostly because they generally start in the middle of their old friends.
  • Many bosses, especially the named ones, are immune to charm.
  • Charm targets that are going before everyone else in the initiative order so that they get more turns to attack for you.
  • Opening an equal fight with charm turns from 4 vs 4 into a 5 vs 3. Don't underestimate the power of having the enemies fighting each other for you.
  • Boosts which you put on your allies (like Blessed Earth or Encourage) will affect the charmed enemies as well.
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