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Captain Mitox has asked me to destroy an Orcish supply train transporting explosives and to report back to him. I assume that without these supplies, the orcs will be unable to sustain their siege of the town.
Quest Log

Ravage the Supply Train is a side quest in Divine Divinity.

Quick walkthrough[]

Detailed walkthrough[]

Speak to Captain Mitox and he will ask for the supply train carts to be destroyed, marking them on Lucian's map and supplying them with a barrel of Explosives. He will also supply one with the human teleporter activation scroll if one is not already possessed. Lucian can also ask for better equipment, Mitox will direct them to the supply camp to the west. Entering the camp at this stage will result in Cornelius, Josephina and Antx appearing and casting a mind control spell, which results in the camp attempting to eliminate the Marked One.

Either cross the battlefield, or take the tunnel below it to break into the camp and locate the supply carts. Place the explosives in the supply area (which will result in hordes of additional orcs converging on the area) and run. Upon leaving the fence area, the explosives will detonate, destroying the carts.

Return to the destroyed village and inform Mitox that the deed has been done.


  • 15000 experience
  • +3 reputation