Captain Mitox has asked me to destroy an Orcish supply train transporting explosives and to report back to him. I assume that without these supplies, the orcs will be unable to sustain their siege of the town.

–Quest Log

Ravage the Supply Train is a quest in Divine Divinity.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  • Talk to Mitox
  • Travel to train carts either from mining shaft, or from surface
  • Place explosives into fenced area, destroying carts.

Details walkthrough Edit

Captain Mitox marks the location of the Orc supply train on Lucian's map and gives a barrel of Explosives. He also gives human teleporter scroll if Lucian doesn't have one yet.

Lucian can also ask for better equipment, in which case Mitox guides to Tent Camp, which is to west. Sounds easy enough, however upon entering tent camp, Cornelius, Josephina and Antx appear, casting mind control spell, making camp soldiers to attack Lucian.

Lucian has choice either use mine shaft located in one of the houses south-west of the general store (which Egon might have told about) or walk into the Orc Camp killing any Orcs on the way.

When Lucian arrived in the village, there were too many orcs to focus on the mission at hand. Covered train carts were in fenced area. Lucian placed explosives in fenced area and escaped bit, just to see explosion.

After this, Lucian could return to Mitox, who might have new work to do.

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