Captain Mitox has asked me to destroy an Orcish supply train transporting explosives and to report back to him. I assume that without these supplies, the orcs will be unable to sustain their siege of the town.

–Quest Log

Ravage the Supply Train is a quest in Divine Divinity.

Objective Edit

Destroy the Supply Train in the Orc Camp

Walkthrough Edit

Captain Mitox marks the location of the Orc supply train on your map and gives you a barrel of explosives. Either use mine shaft located in one of the houses SW of the general store or walk into the Orc Camp killing any Orcs on the way.

When you arrive in the village, you do fight the Orcs as it is very easy to be overrun. Run towards a fenced in area with covered train carts. Drag the explosives from your inventory to the cart in the NW section and watch an animation.

After the animation the player is standing next to the mine shaft that leads back to the village.

Report to Captain Mitox who will give you the quest Poison the Orcs' water supply.

Quest NPCs Edit

Captain Mitox - Quest Giver

Quest Items Edit


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