Divinity 2 Rayhun


So you're not a plant, you say. A weed in denial! How fascinating!

– Rayhun, Divinity II: Ego Draconis

Rayhun is a Black Ring lieutenant and disciple of Damian. He resides in Broken Valley after it has been attacked, where the Broken Valley Village used to be. There is a teleportation device there that takes you to Rayhun's Headquarters, a botanical hideout where he will mistake you for a strange and new plant and want to distill fluids from you.

A true lover of plants, his perverse interest in botany and necromancy is explained in Plant-juice-stained Correspondence, a book found on the floor near his chamber in the headquarters.

If you have Barbatos as your alchemist, he will ask you to retrieve the Alchemy Amulet from Rayhun during the quest An Alchemist's Apparel, in order to upgrade the Battle Tower's Alchemy Garden. You must defeat him and bring the amulet to Barbatos to complete the quest.

Mindreading him bares no fruit, revealing only "Delightful! Now I can add this variety to my unrivaled collection of rare ingredients!"