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Rayhun's Headquarters, also known as Rayhun's Fortress Headquarters, is a location in the Broken Valley after it is invaded by Damian.


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The entrance is a green teleporter that is found in the northeast area of the valley, where Broken Valley Village used to be. It is controlled by Rayhun of the Black Ring, and is the site of the quest An Alchemist's Apparel (the second quest to upgrade the Battle Tower's Alchemy Garden if Barbatos was chosen as your alchemist).

A comical, or perhaps disturbing book titled Plant-juice-stained Correspondence is found on the floor, explaining the botanical theme of the headquarters and Rayhun's deviant love of plants. In addition to the book and quest item, this small facility has a chest containing a piece of Dragon Armor and the Aleroth Archmage Helmet.