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Haha! I see Laiken made new friends.

Razakel is the demon that makes its appearance in 1300 AD.


Demons are immortal beings and due to this reason Laiken, in his desire for immortality, soul-forged himself to demon from Tartarus, Razakel. Alongside his pact with Laiken, Razakel lend his hammer to necromancer Barnabus, who never returned it.

As of 1300 AD, Razakel was summoned to Rivellon by Sassan and the Dragon Knight. Standing no chance on his own he fled to the Throne Room. Only to die there alongside Laiken, thanks to the soul-forge.

Since Laiken and the demon despised the Knight they attempted to thwart the Knight within the Hall of Echoes. Only to ultimately fail.

Interactions with player character[]

  • Dialogue has only roleplay impact since all options lead to violence


Now that I’m in Rivellon I should pay old Barnabus a visit. I’ll teach him what happens when you borrow a Demons warhammer and not return it.
Causes Barnabus to drop Razakel's Hammer on death.

Related quests[]

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