Divinity 2 Raze's Flying Fortress

Raze's Flying Fortress

The entrance to Raze's Flying Fortress is located on a cliff directly in front of Champion Harbour in the Orobas Fjords (see map below). It is controlled General Raze of the Black Ring, and features a lava setting with level 27-29 enemies.

Proceed north towards the headquarters portal. There are platforms at varying elevations along the way, each with plenty of air defenses and ground enemies for your killing pleasure. There are also a few herbs and seven golden chests, one containing the Hunter Ring, part of the Hunter armor set (indicated on the map below).

The headquarters is a relatively small area. You'll find a book titled Old Message on a table in the first room, written by Raze to Ba'al, discussing Raze's Cuirass. Further ahead, there are three closed doors to your left (north). Behind the second door is a chest containing Crystal Dragon Leggings and other loot. Behind the third door is a key; take it and proceed south, using the key to unlock the door.

Divinity 2 Raze's Flying Fortress headquarters interior

Headquarters interior

In the next room turn east and go up the stairs to find Raze, who is complains of being cold despite being surrounded by lava. Mindread him to obtain Ulthring's Leggings upon his death, along with Raze's Cuirass for the quest Raging Raze (if you choose Wesson as your Enchanter). This can be a difficult fight because he uses two healing chambers when his health gets low. There are levers next to the chambers that temporarily disable them, so you have a limited time to kill him before he hops into one of those chambers again. See Raze for suggestions and strategies on winning the fight.

Enemies & DefensesEdit



  • Ballista Towers
  • Lightning Towers
  • Nest Towers
  • Damian Dragon Fighters



Location of Raze's Flying Fortress:
Divinity 2 Grave Robbers Cave location map

Map of Raze's Flying Fortress exterior:
Divinity 2 Raze's Flying Fortress map

Map of Raze's Flying Fortress headquarters:
Divinity 2 Raze's Flying Fortress headquarters map