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The lush and fruitful lands between the High Sea shore to the east, the Dragon’s Spine Mountains to the west, and the forbidding Bane Lands to the north, has long been known as Reaper’s Coast.
Modern Chronicles of Reapers´s Coast by Cranley Huwbert

Reaper's Coast is a coast to which Godwoken arrive after they escape from Fort Joy in 1242 AD.


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Reaper's Coast is the name of both the large region between the High Seas and Stormdale valley and the local shoreline upon which into which Godwoken sail after arriving into the region. The shoreline itself contains several quests, including The Wrecked Caravan, They Shall Not Pass, and Counting Your Chickens. Meistr Siva can be found near the northern transition to the Meadows. Bridgekeeper's House can be found to the north, providing access to Stonegarden. The region itself is large and comprised of many smaller following areas:

Bloodmoon Island

Originaly a place of healing, found north of Driftwood fields, the Bloodmoon island was corrupted and twisted after an attempt to exorcise an archdemon from an elven girl failed drastically. Run by the Advocate and surrounded with Deathfog the island is besieged by the Black Ring agents of the God King who seek the secrets within the island. Notable NPCs like Zerachial the Accursed inhabit this area, where quests such as The Secrets of Bloodmoon Island and The Forgotten and the Damned unfold.


A large forest found north of Reaper's Bluffs and west of Driftwood fields, this area hosts ruins of an abbey dedicated to the Seven God Rhalic. Most largely inhabited by animals and occasional undead, player here may encounter NPCs like Alice Alisceon and Hannag. Quests such as Eithne the Trader, Aggressive Takeover, and Window of Opportunity are available in this region.


An ancient elven forest found north of Paradise Downs, this forest was after the Great War in 1233 AD cut down by Magisters for their ships and weaponry. Regardless of the deforestation, few trees remain and these are tended to by the elves residing at the Elven Encampment who are trying their best to fight the Lone Wolves who took up the residence at the Cullwoods Mill. Characters like Roost Anlon, Saheila and Tovah can be found here.


Driftwood is small fishing village called Driftwood which is most known for its fishing factory and it is the major quest hub of this region. Numerous quests can be initiated or progressed, notably the main quest, Powerful Awakening. Various merchants can be found alongside other NPCs. Beneath the city also lies the Undertavern which is home to the Arena of Driftwood. The Godwoken can obtain the Spider's Kiss talent from Dorotya after a peculiar interaction involving her ring. Notable NPCs include Effie, Ghanga, and Valine.

Driftwood Fields

Driftwood Fields also known as the Meadows is an area found north of Driftwood where solitary farmers reside. Quests like The Ugly Little Bird, Treated Like Cattle, and Seed of Power are tied to this region. In the eastern part of Driftwood fields also lies a Paladin Bridgehead which is guarded by small group of Paladins of Divine Order. This location is inhabited by NPCs like Paladin Cork and Audrey here. The quests Dark Dealings in the Blackpits, The Three Altars, and A Danger to Herself and Others are relevant to this area.

Paradise Downs

Paradise Downs is a farming area found east of Driftwood and north of Stonegarden. Due to Voidwoken incursion the area is affected by decay and other natural hazards. Here, the Godwoken can meet Almira, a self-proclaimed succubus who offers the quest Unlikely Lovers, which involves defeating the Harbinger of Doom.

Reaper's Bluffs

Situated west of Driftwood, Reaper's Bluffs is a series of steep cliffs situated above the High Seas. It is a place where renegade dwarves reside, originally led by Lohar, now affected by malevolent force that drives them to cause harm to all alongside Magisters. Players here can meet Lagan here and engage in quests like Lost and Found, The Burning Prophet, and Keep Calm and Carrion. Beneath Reaper's Bluffs lies a large cavern known as Wrecker's Cave which served as a main hub for the dwarven rebels. This area is mostly associated with quests like The Law of the Order, Shadow Over Driftwood, and A Taste of Freedom are pertinent to this sub-area.


Stonegarden is the graveyard found east of Driftwood and north of the Reaper's Coast itself. Run by Ryker and his servants this area hosts numerous quests, including All in the Family, A Hunger From Beyond, Stranger in a Strange Land and Speaking in Forked Tongues. It's a hub for interacting with NPCs and progressing through quests on the eastern side of the map.

The Blackpits

The Blackpits is a mining area found east of Stonegarden. Currently overrrun by Magisters who quarantined area in order to proceed with their secret operations. Noteworthy NPCs like Gwydian Rince can be encountered here, with the main quest being On the Ropes. The Blackpits Mines are the most noteworthy location accessed via Blackpits and it is in this location that players face various puzzles and the Eternal Aetera entombed within the Ancient Temple. Quests like A Generous Offer and Dark Dealings in the Blackpits are linked to this location.

Waypoint Shrines[]

  • Driftwood - Dunes (X:515 Y:-11)
    • first waypoint shrine and native to the local area of the coast
  • Driftwood - Square
  • Undertavern
  • Wreckers' Cave - Reaper's Cove
  • Wreckers' Cave - Depths
  • Cloisterwood
  • Paladin Bridgehead
  • Driftwood - Fields
  • Paradise Downs
  • Stonegarden Graveyard
  • Blackpits - Gates
  • Blackpits - Mines
  • Bloodmoon Island

Connected Locations[]



Creatures and Unnamed NPCs[]

Following table shows all creatures and unnamed NPCs which can be found within the coast itself as well as their numbers and level. This table covers the area of the coast up to the Bridgekeeper's House between the coast and the Stonegarden. Note that due to Chicken Coop being part of Driftwood it is excluded from the table.

Table of creatures found within the Reaper's Coast shoreline
Creature Number / Level Creature Number / Level
Voidling Icon (DOS2)
Viscous Voidling
4 / 9 Volatile Voidling Icon (DOS2)
Volatile Voidling
2 / 9
Table of creatures found at the Bridgekeeper's House
Creature Number / Level Creature Number / Level
Noxious Voidwoken Icon (DOS2)
Noxious Voidwoken
2 / 9 Noxious Voidwoken Icon (DOS2)
Venom-Wing Voidwoken
2 / 9


  • Stardust Herb - at (X:522 Y:25)
  • Disembodied Hand - at the Wrecked Caravan
  • Bloodied Leg - carried by the Shark
  • Bloodied Leg - at the Wrecked Caravan
  • Void-Tainted Disembodied Hand - at the Wrecked Caravan
  • Void-Tainted Disembodied Foot - at the Wrecked Caravan
  • Void-Tainted Severed Head - at the Wrecked Caravan
  • Key - at the Wrecked Caravan (opens the nearby chest)
  • Void-Tainted Torso - at the Wrecked Caravan
  • Anhar's Boots - at the Wrecked Caravan
  • Teleportation Scroll - on a Dead Magister, at the Wrecked Caravan
  • Hanal Lechet - in a chest, at the Wrecked Caravan (X:429 Y:51)





  • 1000 XP for approaching the wrecked caravan (The Wrecked Caravan)
  • 3000 XP for consuming the severed leg from the Shark (Hide & Seek)
  • 5000 XP for freeing Meistr Siva (Powerful Awakening)


At the shoreline
Magisters near Meistr Siva
  • Executioner Ninyan (level 9, 2000 XP) ×1
  • Magister Aagon (level 9, 2000 XP) ×1
  • Magister Urlan (level 9, 2000 XP) ×1
  • Silent Watcher (level 9, 1000 XP) ×1
  • Bruiser (level 9, 0 XP) ×1


  • Note that information on this page (unless specified) is for the local Reapers Coast area into which the player arrives immediately from Lady Vengeance. This in particular includes infobox and sections concerning creatures, items, characters, experience and quests. The layout itself provides short summary information as to what can players expect in the region of Reaper's Coast itself.


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