Reaper's Eye is an island occupied by the Magisters to the west of Reaper's Coast.


Reaper's eye is a former stronghold of the Source King, Braccus Rex, a tyrannical ruler. Here among the decrepit ruins, caverns, the signs of how he twisted and tainted the land are still apparent, many of the undead and creatures occupying the Hollow Marshes are former subjects, cursed by the king himself.

In present times, Reaper's Eye is occupied and operated by the Magisters as a prison camp for Sourcerers. Further to this, they are also seeking out the relics of Braccus Rex, primarily Source wands, which can purge a Sourcerer of their abilities; reducing them to silent monks.


In the northwestern-most part of the island lies Fort Joy, the Magister-run internment camp for collared Sourcerers. The walls of the fort itself, as well as the clifftop upon which is stands cut off access to the Hollow Marshes in the southwest. Accessing the marsh by the land is typically gained via the harbour or the drawbridge, however there is a weakpoint in the Fort itself, a sewer pipe, which exits at ground level to the marsh.


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