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The Red Hammer Tribe is a Goblin tribe located in the Orobas Fjords south-east of the Champion Harbour in Divinity II: Ego Draconis.


A Goblin tribe based in the Orobas Fjords. For a long time the Red Hammer Tribe ignored the Champion Zeppelins that would fly past their tribe on their way to and from the Champion Harbor, knowing that they did not stand a chance against the humans. The Champions, in return, ignored the Goblin tribe, creating a shaky ceasefire.

However, their leader, Svadilfari, was sick of the charade, wanting to eradicate all human presence within the Fjords. To these ends, Svadilfari aligned himself and the Red Hammer Tribe with the Black Ring. The tribe constructed catapults, which they used to bombard and destroy a Zeppelin. The Red Hammer Tribe's attacks combined with increasing Wyvern attacks crippled the Zeppelin fleet stationed at Champion Harbor, leaving only three intact Zeppelins that lacked the ability to fly due to missing critical components.

Aurelius, commander of the Champion Harbor garrison, placed a bounty on Svadilfari, offering coffers full of gold for the Goblin leader's head. Similarly, Svadilfari would attempt to negotiate with the last Dragon Knight, offering weaponry, jewels, and armor for the assassination of Aurelius. What became of Aurelius and Svadilfari is unclear.


The Red Hammer Tribe is a large colony of Huts, Catapults, and flying Goblins led by Dolgan. In base versions of the game (non-Dragon Knight Saga) sections of the Tribe will be protected by anti-dragon shields; destroying the structures surrounded in a blue aura will disable the anti-dragon shields.

Against the cliffs there is a teleporter and an entrance to Svadilfari's Cave.

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