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Crabbe, a mine prospector, told me an old mine was overrun by imps and their leader. He'd like me to clear the place so the miners can start to work in those caves again.

Red Ore Alert is a side quest given by Crabbe in Divinity II: Ego Draconis.

Quick Walkthrough[]

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Detailed Walkthrough[]

Imps have taken over a nearby mine and Crabbe asks you to clear them out.

The Mine is found East of Crabbe you can jump off the ledge and take your dragon form fly East towards the rock face and keeping the rock face on your left follow it flying low until you find the beach. Turn back to Dragon Knight form and fight the Imps until you get to the mine.

In the mine there are several goblins its a fairly square shaped map so not too easy to get lost. The leader of the Imps Alutiiq  is found in that northeastern portion after your first left turn coming into the mine. He Drops a key and some epic level gear when you kill him.

In the Southeastern section there is an elevator:

First floor down has a group of Imps and a "Beholder Boss". In the back of the cavern are three pedestals that are interactive.

Second floor down there will be 2 Imps to kill and 3 more Dragon pedestals with Books (Dark, Red, and Blue) Notice the number of the candles by the pedestals coinciding books (I would encourage writing it down)

After you get the books go back to the elevator and up one floor. Put the coinciding colored book with the correct candle number. This will spawn a chest.

On the main floor Southwestern section there are platforms that move up as you jump onto each consecutive one (they're not timed so you can take your time between jumps) Fireball traps will immediately start once you jump on the first platform they only really become a nuisance after about the 6th jump or so. If you go straight against the wall they will not be able to hit you and you can time your jumps. At the top there is a lever when you pull it(I recommend saving before pulling the lever as it is easy to fall back to the bottom) 2 platforms will appear(These ones disappear after 10 seconds) Jump onto the first platform and then turn and jump on to the other platform which has a pressure plate, which, will in turn spawn a chest at the bottom. (The chest will disappear so you need to go quick).

When you have done so return to Crabbe for a reward of either experience or gold. He will then ask for your help with another matter, Stood Up.


  • The default reward is 4500 exp and 800 gold, and one choice from either 2250 exp, 400 gold, or some random items.
  • (Optional) The chest at the end of the platform jumping puzzle gives some random Epic items
  • (Optional) The chest from the pedestal puzzle has Aleroth Archmage Leggings and some random Legendary loot


  • Due to Crabbe being located near the Grand Knight statue it is possible to acquire this quest before having dragon form unlocked. However to complete this quest the dragon form is vital. The dragon form is acquired after completing the quest Laiken in his Lair.