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Those who benefit from this advantageous spell can gleefully watch as part of the damage an enemy causes is reflected back to him. This way the foes that oppose the hero may be slain by the force of arms they themselves apply, in a wonderful example of poetic justice.
skill description

Reflect is a Warrior skill that can be used by the Dragon Knight in Divinity II: Dragon Knight Saga.


Reflect is a passive Warrior skill that gives the Knight an ability to reflect certain portion of damage dealt to them back at their source. Due to its nature, once learnt, it will be always active and does not require any specific weapon to be equipped.


Skill Level Damage Reflected (%)
1 20
2 28
3 36
4 44
5 52
6 60
7 68
8 76
9 84
10 92
11 100
12 108
13 116
14 124
15 132