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Go on, you mute sacks of flesh, put your backs into it! I'll not lose another day to the tide! The Lord Dread awaits! It sails billow with Dallis' breath!
Reimond commanding the silent monks

Reimond is a White Magister found in Driftwood in 1242 AD.


Reimond is an arrogant and cruel White Magister who is found in Driftwood docks near fish factory. He has been there for several days, trying to investigate the local dwarves who he suspects from attacking magister caravans. 

Interactions with Player character[]

Companion Quest
Spirit Merchant
  • The Godwoken are faced with persuasion attempt when speaking with him because he suspects they are sourcerers. There are three persuasion options each of them are derived from one stat: Strength, Memory and Wits

Related Quests[]

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  • The Law of the Order


  • Mastering the Source

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