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Reimond's Journal is a book in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


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[The handwriting in Reimond's private journal is so full of flourishes, whorls and loops that it almost seems as if he wants to obsfucate the meaning of the text within. Much of it sounds half-crazed, but some passages bear lucid details.]

Soon, the GRAND Design will be upon us, soon it will be realised. The time of the White Magisters has come, the grandest Design of all...

We have a SACRED DUTY to CLEANSE the world of the filth of Source...

...OUR Lucian guides us, today as always... I would have relished accompanying Dallis to the Tomb of Lucian, to see our final victory come to pass. But I am needed here, and I shall see that my sacred duty is fulfilled. I will see NO-ONE enter the Tomb. And I will destroy all papers, scrolls, and MINDS that would reveal the way.